ShimmeryPineLake_940x192I’m an engineer and product developer with broad interests in technology and design.

Academic Research – Development of advanced display systems, immersive environments and collaborative centers have been my research focus.

Facilities Design – Two new College of Engineering buildings on the UIC campus, the completed (Aug 2019) Engineering Innovation Building and the under-construction Computing Design Research and Learning Center (Jan 2024). These two projects represent over 185,000 square feet and $163M. Along the way we have reimagined and invested over $7M in 50,000+ square feet of laboratory, research and office space, including creation of an engineering student Makerspace.

Product Development – I have also contributed several years to industry, building global markets with scientific instrumentation and international standards for biomedical, materials testing and process monitoring applications.


  • Senior Research Scientist. Electronic Visualization Laboratory. University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).
  • Technical Research and Science Leader. Transportation Research and Analysis Computing Center (TRACC). Argonne National Laboratory.
  • Research Scientist. Technology Research, Education and Commercialization Center (TRECC). National Center for Supercomputing Applications. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).
  • Managing Director. Atlas Fire Science Products.
  • Senior Project Engineer. MDA Scientific.
  • Principal Engineer. Medico Electronic.

COE Facilities Development – Over 24 redevelopment projects of repurposed lab, office and research space for the UIC College of Engineering as well as the newly completed 57,500 SF Engineering Innovation Building and a 127,000 SF new home for Computer Science, the Computing Design Research and Learning Center to be complete in 2024.

CAVE2 Hybrid-Reality Environment – A room-sized cylinder of virtual and augmented reality created by 72 off-axis-optimized 3D displays, powered by a 36-node high-performance compute cluster, 22-channel surround audio, 10-camera optical tracking and 100 Gigabit networking.

3D Cyber-Commons – Cinematic passive-stereo 2D/3D multi-touch display wall (6.2m x 1.7m).

TRECC – Technical architect and co-founding developer of a global distributed technology center implementing a $30M+ DoD research program, sponsoring and showcasing the most advanced applications of high-performance cyber-infrastructure.

SAGEWall Multi-Touch – Specification and deployment of a 32-touch IR overlay for the 6.2m wide x 1.8m tall LambdaVision2 display system.

LambdaVision2 – Design and build of a 46” x 18-tile ultra-thin bezel 2D display system serving as the continuing development platform for SAGEWall and Cyber-Commons.

OmegaDesk – Design and build of an evolving 2 x 65” 3D active-stereo workstation with IR motion capture for gesture recognition and multi-touch control overlay.

TRACC – Repurposing of the former UIUC/TRECC collaborative facility to the needs of Argonne National Laboratory’s distributed high-performance computing center for transportation research. Established a 3km, 1Gb wireless link from TRACC to FermiLab fiber to manage our remote cluster and connect to Argonne networks.

CONE2 – The world’s first automated cone calorimeter system for determination of heat and smoke release of combusting materials to international fire test standards.

CTAFourier Transform InfraRed (FTIR) real-time analysis of combustion toxicity products.

TLDToxic gas monitoring system spawning a complete series of products used internationally in the process and chemical industries.

MEPA2Colorimetric blood chemistry analysis for the physician’s office and small clinic.

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M.S. Bioengineering. University of Wyoming
B.A. Biology. University of Colorado

I live and work in Chicago with my wife Dana, we have three sons. Occasionally I find big bass in our front yard on Pine Lake in Wisconsin.